Opening date is in early April

New Star Dental

NewStar Dental is a new state-of-the-art facility serving the people of Greater Fort Lauderdale. We designed our office with the idea of making dental visits as comfortable as possible. It starts with a comfortable reception area where you will be greeted by a professional staff member that will answer all of your possible insurance and payment questions. In the clinical area, we designed our rooms in a very clean and organized way to minimize patients’ anxiety. For the same reason, we offer noise-canceling headphones, weighted blankets, and high-speed Wi-Fi. Our doctors use gentle injection and Tell Show Do techniques to ensure you are comfortable in the chair. We focus on the patient’s feedback during and after the procedure so the patient has more control over the treatment. We offer nitrous oxide gas and conscious oral sedation for the most severe anxiety cases.

We believe everyone deserves affordable comprehensive dental care. Therefore, we equipped our office with the latest dental technologies that help us to do the work better, faster, and more affordable. Our office is fully digital:

-Digital X-rays and digital 3D X-ray technology offer an instant, high-quality result and use an extra small amount of radiation. Now you don’t have to worry about being exposed when you need to take that X-ray.

-Digital intraoral scanner helps us eliminate messy impressions and make the process faster.

-High-resolution intraoral cameras allow us to show you good quality before and after pictures.

-3D printer prints highly esthetic, lab-quality temporaries on the spot.

-Finally, digital patient management software helps us properly organize, retrieve, and protect all your information.

We care about the place we live. As a modern dental office, we do our best to reduce our environmental impact. We use an amalgam separator to prevent amalgam filling material from going to the water system, a dry vacuum to save water, and reduce the use of paper by implementing a digital patient management system and recycling.

We look forward to seeing you at NewStar Dental and experiencing the modern dentistry we have to offer.

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